She is so fond of eating, like grilled ones, unthinkable without the addition of ajvar. It justifies its popularity with top quality and great taste that goes with almost everything. Only the best eggplant and peppers will find their way in our averb because they are prepared according to the local recipe, without preservatives and aromas.


A lot of vegetables and a harmonious taste with low fat content properties are what this ajvar makes a favorite attachment. For everyone who enjoys more spicy flavors, it is irreplaceable in numerous combinations, from practical sandwiches to an inevitable barbecue. It is produced without preservatives and brings you a full fiberglass, vitamin C and A, and a lot of spicy satisfaction!


In addition to the ajvar, the necessary jar of jars is pinned. It is a winter salad, delicacies made from chopped baked peppers and tomatoes, spiced with garlic and parsley, and there is no one who does not like it. We could say, "sister of salad" ajvar and carp pepper.


Gourmet hit for the winter. Cabbage ajvar, or ajvar of peppercorn, is the same as apricot of ground pepper, and perhaps even better (if it has anything better than ajvar, these are two ajvara). More precisely, this is another version of ajvar, for which the pepper is not milled rather than a slice.