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Natural and domestic is BEST, so our products are cooked in traditional way and according to the original HOME MADE recipes.
We specialize in small packages of 30 g carefully selected excellent fruits, with high content of fruit for hotel and catering facilities.
We establish strong partnership relations and meet all requirements of customers regarding packaging and packaging.


Company "B & B ProEco" d.o.o. is a young, family-run workshop established in 2017, with its headquarters in Kruševac.

The main motive of the company is that it is naturally and domestically the best in food production, so our products are cooked in traditional way and according to the original traditional HOME MADE recipes from our end, the foothills of the mountain Jastrebac, the fertile Pomoravlje and the river Rasina river basin, the fertile plains of the Bivolski key from whose ancestors long ago had the highest quality fruits and vegetables, and also there are also fruits from the homeland of my ancestors at the foot of Kopaonik, which we turn into something special and the highest quality that nature gives.

We use only fruits and vegetables grown in this area, as well as forest fruits and other forest fruits that make this mountainous region extremely rich.

Our main goal is that all of our products are completely natural, without any preservatives, artificial colors and aromas, carefully stored, so that the most valuable ingredients that nature gives us are preserved.

Our motto is to feel the fragrances from childhood, from our mom's and grandmother's kitchen, from the basements of our fathers and children. These enchanting scents are trapped in our jars and bottles, because our company is based exclusively on small packs that we strive to be recognizable in the region. Also, the B & B prefix tells us the story of Bed & Brekfast, that is, a bed in the bed, where our emotions are swallowed by our senses as soon as we get out of sleep and come back. These are small hotel packages of 30 g which represent the essence of the offer in our assortment.

With our products we wish you all good.