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100% fruit from freshly picked, organic-bred apple, without preservatives supplements. It can be used as a tasty meal or as an addition to yogurt and sweeties.


Puree prepared from freshly picked, ecologically grown quinces without preservatives. Very tasty dune puree with characteristic taste.


It is prepared from natural and freshly picked apricots, ecologically grown apricots without the addition of aromas and thickening agents. & Nbsp; Carefully prepared to preserve the best quality and taste.


Enjoy the juicy and sweet taste of freshly picked raspberries when using this raspberry puree.


Fruit-rich cherries are characterized by high fruit content, which ensures unchanged taste and appearance of final products.


Instead of crushing strawberries and adding mashed potatoes, try this strawberry flavor. In addition to the well-known taste of your favorite fruit, enjoy one of the most beneficial mushrooms. If you are an apple in your soul, you will surely enjoy the rice and sweet taste of this puree.


This fruit puree is a perfect mix of red berries, the finest balanced berries, raspberry and blueberries. This very powerful and trendy flavor will lead to an extremely sweet and sweet tart taste that will satisfy all tastes.


The tropical taste of our fruit puree and its beneficial effect will lead you to a journey to warmer areas after which your body will be and as thankful. As soon as you try this mule, enjoyment begins.


Enjoy perfectly mature fresh taste of kiwis, exotic texture and colors, in preparation with kiwi fruit fruit: a true taste of juicy kiwi fruit with velvety texture and intense green color!


Meet natural fruity blueberries from mature and matured fruits. Each of them will take you to a magical world full of positive energy, excellent flavors and vitamins.


Every year, the summer season signals the arrival of a juicy, sweet peach, picked mature in the Mediterranean region. Fruit peach will make your taste experience unforgettable.


Fruit puree is made from carefully selected and healthy pear fruits. As we have done so far, we have checked the recipes of our grandmothers and revived the familiar taste and smell of early childhood.