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Homemade plum jam is made from healthy selected plum berries, it is produced in a typical home-made ambient in a traditional way, according to the recipes of our ancestors, a typical and pleasant taste of confectionery plum fruits cooked in a vacuum, where the maximum nutritional value and the obtained quality consistency are maintained and lubricity. We recommend it to all age categories to feel the charms of nature that it provides.


Apricot jam is produced from light orange, sweet apricot notes. Aromatic healthy fruit apricot is washed manually, cut and cleaned from stems and stems. The purified apricots are then put into the beaten sherpa, sugar is added and slowly cooked in a low heat with constant stirring until the desired smell and taste is achieved. The hot jam is then poured into sterilized jars and pasteurized in a pasteurizer, preserving the natural aroma.